Find a coupon, get 50€ !

You have been probably thinking about the best way to spend the winter holidays. With your family of course! But at home, sitting in front of the computer 🙂
Attention! We’ve already decided everything for you:
From Jan, 1st to Jan, 11th you can loot from a mob 5 coupons for 50 euros each. You can get them as fresh crispy notes or as perks, it’s up to you!
The coupons can be found absolutely randomly in any mob, except for livestock. We’ll announce every coupon found. No matter where you hunt, the coupon can be looted from absolutely any mob, either a skeleton or Golden Dragon – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you go hunting, enjoy the game, and in addition take part in a lottery! If the coupons are obtained too quickly we’ll add some more!
Therefore, if your wife asks you what the hell are you doing at 5 in the morning the next day after the New Year – you’ll have an excuse, goddammit, you are making money!

P.S. Find a coupon, call GM, get cash, bring your wife to the movies.