50 euros coupon

Here is how the coupon for 50 euros from the New Year’s hunting lottery looks like. More details in the previous posts on the website or in our DISCORD channel: https://discord.com/channels/707526080117997608/707919461893799966/793219741480648724
The graphics of the coupon is added to the game in the last update (24.12.2020), so to see it you’ll have to update the client files of the game. Here is an instruction on how to do it: https://discord.com/channels/707526080117997608/707919461893799966/791673655901814785

Unpack the zip-file before using it:
To update, download ServerConfig.xml to the Orion Launcher folder (if you haven’t done that before). The Orion Launcher folder is located in the folder to which the game was set up. We’ve updated the function of upgrading the client’s files in Orion, so that you wouldn’t have to download the client after each update. Just launch the Orion Client and update the files with one click of a button. So, after you’ve downloaded the file to Orion Launcher folder, reboot the client. There you will see a new tab Uo Files Updates. Click Check updates to search for updates and apply them. To make the process successful, please close all the windows having to do anything with Ultima Online (stealth, injection etc.).