Bugs fixed

Bugs fixed:

  1. Inscription. There was no possibility to create scrolls of higher circles without the spells of beginning circles in Spellbook.
  2. Tracking. The client could freeze after using the skill.
  3. Some species of small dragons couldn’t be ridden on.
  4. When cast, Premium Blesser depicted incorrect animation.
  5. Some kinds of fish couldn’t be picked up and stacked.
  6. Transforming exceptional/perfect items back to wood/ores made by a crafter.
  7. A corpse could vanish in the bag. The Orion developers were notified concerning this matter.
  8. A musical instrument couldn’t be moved when used.
  9. In the Buffs menu paralysis didn’t disappear after time. Bard paralysis wasn’t depicted at all.
  10. Ores and wood as pure materials are no longer for sale.
  11. Tamed/ wild animals/ dragons would disappear during the attack if stayed behind the gates. So the timing was fixed.
  12. Boats and their game mechanics.
  13. Incorrect image of the server’s map when used.

All the necessary files can be received during the automatic updates via the Orion Launcher.

Open the Orion Launcher to update the files. (THIS IS NOT THE ORION’S UPDATES, BUT THE UPDATES OF THE GAME ITSELF)

Before updating it, close all the programs e.g. Ultima Online, Stealth client, Orion Client.
a. Open the Orion Launcher;
b. Select “Update the UO files”;
c. Click “Check for updates”;
d. Apply the changes;
If all the UO files are closed, upgrading will end successfully.