1. Homeric Potion was fixed in the Alchemy menu.

2. Leather Kilt was dressed like pants. Now it is put on is like it should be, like a skirt.

3. The animation of casting the earth bless spell is improved.

4. The requirements for the creation of new food have been reduced: (+10 to characteristics) with a duration of 1200 seconds. (Fish with Lemon herbs, Spring Rolls, Chicken Cutlets) – up to 180, 190 and 200.

5. The altars of the bosses will be set up. The Zulu and Sir Thomas heroes have returned to the game. The place of their spawn with a similar altar will be in a world on the coordinates will be posted here and on Wiki. The rest of the bosses: Sargon, Lizard, Koschey will be transferred to the world and fenced off by walls. The territory has anti-loot, anti-mark, anti-gate restrictions

6. The same altars will be installed in the world to randomly summon higher mobs.

7. Items from the character’s corpse in the anti-loot zone will return to the bank after 5 minutes. That way, if you die in an anti-loot zone and your friends resurrected you, you can pick your things up without going to the bank and continue fighting. This is especially convenient near the bosses and in anti-loot dungeons.