Classic UO Launcher

Recently we’ve received some questions and some of them considered the opportunity to use classic UO client. We’ve set the “Classic UO Launcher” on our server. You can find some useful info about its setting by clicking on the link below:
Given the fact that you can’t update the game files using this client yet, there is no way for us to provide any scripts for it so far 🙂
Besides, you can install the game on your mobile phone using Classic UO Launcher. The instructions are here:

You will still have to update Zuluhotel game files via Orion Launcher. Don’t hesitate to upgrade them while launching the game client.

Taking into account that previously there were some troubles while using the Classic UO Launcher, we kindly ask you to report the errors and bugs in Discord: (ask-for-help)
In the nearest future, UOC will be added to the file update and will be installed on your computer without any of your assistance.