1. We’ve worked on Bowcraft/Fletching skill. So, here’s what’s new about it:
    A. You can’t use Dagger on Logs anymore.
    B. We’ve added a new item for the skill, Fletcher Tools, which you can create with Tinker Tools. How to make it: Tinker Tools – Ingots – Tools – Fletching Tools.
    C. This tool is crafted with a certain number of charges depending on the ores you use and its charges will be depicted on the tool. This means that the tools will disappear after they run out of charges. For now, it’s the only skill that requires a tool with the necessary charges to craft it.
    D. There is a new menu with a description of items.
  2. NPC Mutant. We’ve lowered its speed to a reasonable level. We’ve also lowered the speed of movement for regular NPCs, so they are much slower than characters riding their animals.
  3. The number of ingots you get by melting all kinds of ore has doubled. (1 Iron Ore = 2 Iron Ingots)

As usual, all the updates will apply after the restart.