Latest updates and fixes

Dear players,
Some changes and fixes have been applied to the game world as follows:

1. Spells of the bosses Margena, Miradna (fire snake) as well as the frost spell of the boss Sargon’s minions have been fixed.

2. The depiction of the weight of most items has been fixed too.

3. The champion altars have been reconsidered. More detailed info will be specified in the wiki later.

4. The Heating Stand for the Alchemy skill has been returned to the Tinkering skill.

5. From now on gaining levels in Animal Taming skill has become easier.

6. Items Omeros Pickaxe and Xarafaxs Axe have no charges now as they used to be. Also, they give a bonus to the skill and increase the chance of obtaining higher ore and wood.

7. We have also fixed Spell Book in the Inscription skill, which previously showed all spells, whether you have them or not.