New server’s launch!

You might be tired of us, but we don’t feel the same about you.
So, we’ve decided to make a final present to Zulu fans.
We all realize that Ultima doesn’t become popular and every year can be the last one.

In September we’ll launch a second non-commercial shard. No donations and purchases. Just you and your skill.
The shard will start from scratch so that nothing will distract you from the wind of change that’s coming.
The leveling speed will be X2 from the current.

Only consulting positions among our staff to help out the players.
Quests and Tournaments will be held.
We are pretty sure that Perks will remain in the game although they will be purchased only for ZuluCoins that you can obtain while playing only. Zuluconis drop will be increased.

To make it even better, occasionally we will offer money giveaways. Try your golddigger’s luck!
The number of players participating depends only on you! Share this news with your friends. Let’s make this event unforgettable!

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