Most recent updates

Dear players,
There have been some changes applied to the game world:

  1. Now you have an opportunity to transfer your gold into unique sacks. The sacks can be purchased from any provision merchant.
  2. Lockpicking training has become easier. The merchant who sells Thief’s items also sells varied difficulty chests with keys. The level of difficulty is from 30 to 100 and is specified on the chest.
  3. A new item has been added to the game “Home Case With Collections”. It can be crafted from Logs 400 and with Carpentry skill of 120. The specified item can contain a great number of items and allows to take a desired number of items from it, from 1 to 60000 (except for gold). An unlimited number of gold can be transferred to a check. This item may be placed only in a house even if nobody lived in it. So watch out for the robbers 🙂
    To create the item from logs use the Carpentry skill, in the Chest section at the end of the menu.
  4. A previously useless magic fish “Nightsight” restores mana now.
  5. Irrelevant links in the Help menu have been removed.
  6. Mage and Scribe merchants can help you evaluate magic items for a decent price. Use the “Identify” command for that.
    Watch the video to see the updates in action: