Recent game updates

Dear players,
There have been some changes applied to the game:

  1. The game files were changed, so please update the game via Orion Launcher.
  2. A new Fire Dummy NPC has been added to the game. It is placed in the Dungeon for new players and can be used to train the Resisting Spell skill.
  3. A new “Rare Dye” item has been added too. It can be obtained only from loot and has a random color from 1 to 2999. This item can be used to dye anything that a character has in the backpack.
  4. The Architector NPC’s purchase menu is different now. Now you can buy houses for gold and for Zulu coins.
    In addition, in this menu, you can immediately see what the house looks like in its mini version.
  5. Now you can build a house yourself! Firstly, you must purchase a building permit and build grounds on the land that will allow you to continue building on it. All the additional information about it will be shown in a special video, as well as in a separate topic on Wiki pages.
  6. From now on you can see the color of the item in its description whenever you point the mouse cursor at it.

Later on, we will upload all updated information on the Wiki and an up-to-date game installer will be prepared for your convenience. Ads and announcements of the starting date of the new gaming season are coming soon.