New shard GRAND OPENING 7 October 2022

Dear friends,
The team of the Zuluhotel project is happy to announce that we are preparing a whole new game world full of endless battles and fun!!!
The start is on October, 7th, 2022 at 10:00 p.m. +3 GMT.
A huge present awaits all Zuluhotel fans.

Fresh and new shard with no commerce, donations, or staff!

Before the start, all items, characters, and accounts will be removed. A new registration is required. Clean start where everyone is equal.
The shard will be started from scratch, which means all items, buildings, as well as all characters, will be removed.
Of course, that’s not the only thing we’ve prepared for you!

Here is what we could offer you on the new server:

  • Your pocket doesn’t matter anymore. The new server is totally commerce and donations-free. Just you, your abilities and knowledge! If you think you need more help in improving your knowledge, we have gathered all the up-to-date information оn Wiki.
  • No staff! From now on playing staff is forbidden, just as non-playing ones who might have any relation to guilds. The staff has no opportunity to become invisible to players and interfere with the game in any way, except for consulting players and solving disputes.
  • Some incredible work has been done on improving game classes. They are well-balanced, and all of the classes allow the players to battle monsters and other characters equally. Well, not for the Crafters, unfortunately, though they have a special mission in the game. Besides, AI NPC has been improved greatly. Monster’s intellect has been modified in a better way and tons of game menus have been systematized and are now more logical.
  • We also made sure that the shard finally became NEWBIE-FRIENDLY. When creating a character, it will be placed in a safe area separately from other players. Nevertheless, animals and monsters may still kill you. However, even if you die, you will not lose any items as they will be moved to your bank. There, your skill grows x3 times faster! This way you will be able to reach the maximum level possible on the island (skill up to 90) and go meet the real world fully prepared. You may enter and leave the safe zone as many times as you want, no limit on that whatsoever.
    Thus, placing a character in a safe zone allows all characters to gain basic experience of the game.
  • The other world has also been altered in a way by adding a huge number of new locations. By the way, your skills grow in the other world 3 times faster!
  • Bunches of new items have been added too. You can find them in your loot or create them as a Crafter, or even buy them from merchants.
  • We all know that for many players having their own home in the game is super important, so we offer you an opportunity to build houses yourself. You may find more information about this on Wiki pages on our website.
  • As mentioned above, a lot of work has been done on the information page of Zuluhotel (Wiki pages). Now the information is clearly systematized and structured.
  • Many of you are aware that the game currency “Zulu Coins” was added to the world earlier. Zulu coins remain on the new shard, but now you can get them only by looting from mutant monsters, receiving them as a reward for events, and selling GM items to city merchants. You can always exchange Zulu coins for perks later (for example, for enhanced Bless). Just like we said, no commerce, everything happens only in the game and does not go beyond it.

We kindly ask all players to share this message with their friends. The number of players, therefore how fun it’s going to be, depends mostly on the players themselves! It’s quite easy to send a message to a friend and invite him or her to recollect the past years with their favorite game together.

We are waiting for all of you at the grand opening on October 7th, 2022!

Best regards,
Zuluhotel server administration.