1. A market is added to the game. This shop has all the main items from the dozens of poles in Britain.
  2. Now you can activate the altars in a different way. Previously, the hunting points would be subtracted from the character to activate it. Now you can do that with the Activation rune which is sold at the market for a price of hunting points.
  3. Enhanced items do not break now, though they disappear if the attempt of enhancement is failed. The chance of a successful improvement is lowered from 100% to 80%, 80% to 60%, and from 60% to 40%.
  4. A Crafter now can create Legendary items. The chance to craft something Legendary is 20% from Perfect.
  5. Perks work for 48 hours instead of 12. Use the menu Help- Game perks to find out more.
  6. When a weapon is crafted, you can see the name of the character who made it. If a character uses a weapon with his own name on it, the damage is increased by 20%.
  7. Enhancements and race bonuses do not protect you in PvP battles, but they keep protecting you from monsters.
  8. A new .eat “magic fish name” command is added. More detailed information will be on our Wiki pages and in the game in the “help menu – commands-eat fish”