NEW donation-free server is open!

Dear players,
We are happy to announce the opening of a new Zuluhotel server: no commerce and donations!!!

Zuluhotel is not about life-time macroing. All skills grow very fast. For example, you can easily train up a 4-level warrior in 1 day.

Here is some useful information for new players.

1. You may use the previous UO client with the updated files or download a new one:

2. Login server:,2593

3. Create a new account and sign in:
Important note: After you’ve created your account, please log in once on the website to activate it. Right upper corner of the page.

4. Get familiar with the new Zuluhotel Wikipedia:

5. Tips to new players:
Perks are available for free. Use them wisely to train your character faster. If you run out of resources, create a new character, select the desired skills and transfer the items between the characters:
This is not prohibited, but keep in mind that hunting monsters and loot in Newbie Land is much easier, as lots of cool stuff may be found there, even magic scrolls.

6. Soon, you will find a Wiki article with scripts.

7. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask them on our Discord channel.