Skill training tips

Some players have claimed that it’s impossible to train the skills after 120. So here are some useful tips on efficient skill increase.

1) The higher your level, the faster the skill is increased. We’d recommend training your skills evenly, instead of trying to reach 150 on one skill and then moving to the second skill training.

2) Don’t try to set your skill training as the main goal. You can start hunting with a character who’s got medium skills. The damage inflicted by monsters depends directly on the character’s level, thus noobs receive less damage than a trained character. On the other hand, well-trained characters of a higher level can absorb more damage. This is how the hunting difference between the new players and more experienced ones is balanced out. Besides, you may obtain Zulu Coins while hunting (by killing monsters) that you can spend on Power Hour Perk for faster skill training. The last but not least, is that during hunting you may loot top items that will help increase your level. Don’t be afraid to die hunting. Within about 20 min your items will return to the bank if nobody loots your corpse. The Despise dungeon is anti-PC, so there no player can harm you there.

3) There is no sense in trying to train your fighting skills on Spector monster. It is immune to physical damage, so that’s why the combat skills won’t raise with him.

4) Do not forget that the skills in the Newbie Town may be trained only up to 90 and there is no increase whatsoever, which means you have to change your location.

5) In order to understand in which way it would be better to train your skills, use the Medium Perk. You can use it absolutely free in paperdoll>help>perks menu. It will show you how many skill points you will receive for a specific action to help you choose a strategy.