Fixes and updates

  1. All skills that require a tool now have a chance not to break it. You may calculate the chance by multiplying the character’s skill level by 7.
  2. Skinning now depends on the Forensic skill, which is available to any game class without any level loss. When your skill is 200, the skinning knife does not break.
  3. Reaper no longer breaks when skinning.
  4. Upgrade Magic Damage can be used on weapons.
  5. Only one Home Dummy can be placed in each house.
  6. Now you can mark runes in the center of the Market.
  7. A banker is installed on the market.
  8. The character will not be able to enter the teleport created by other players if any damage from a player was received.
  9. Players’ vendors at the market now charge 2k per day for their services instead of 6k, as it was before.