We have applied the following updates:

  1. Use Dummy Pickpocket to train Snooping and Stealing skills. This item is crafted using the Carpentry skill. Use a tool on cloth and wood. It can be installed only in a house.
  2. The prices for NPC High Priest’s services have been significantly reduced. Services: “uncurse”, “purify” .
  3. When killing an enemy, the killer’s karma will be additionally reduced.
  4. We also fixed a bug when the Fishing skill allowed fishing in the house.
  5. Fish obtained by the Fishing skill now moves directly to the backpack.
  6. We fixed a bug where Bard’s spells required a tool but didn’t detect it in the backpack.
  7. Another bug is fixed. It let ordinary poisoned weapons deal double damage to monsters. Now, this feature is again available only to a Thief.
  8. A bug has been fixed when a character was stuck in between the walls or some immovable object, and after death, instead of a mount, a part of the ship appeared.