Crafted weapons

Dear players,
For a long time, we have had a discussion about crafted weapons and how it compares to the ones found hunting. We have been looking for a way to keep hunting essential and at the same time to be rewarded for high-level crafting. Finally, we have found a balanced solution!

After the restart, the following changes to the crafted weapon will be applied:

1) The calculation of the damage bonus will change depending on the level of the crafter who made the weapon and the material from which it was made.

2) Crafter’s max level (7 level and Armslore skill 250 ) will help you make Perfect weapon from New Zulu, which will be equal to Disintegrate!
The higher the ore, the better.

3) All the crafted weapons, even the ones crafted far before this update, will be affected by these changes. So, don’t worry about your old weapon.

A reminder:
1) Perfect weapon allows you to cast with different elements depending on the material you use.
2) Weapons crafted by the character himself provide +20% damage due to the connection to the owner. 🙂

Enjoy your game experience with Zuluhotel.