Bug fixes and updates

Dear players,
Today from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. UTC +3 the server will be restarted to update some minor game issues.

After the restart, the following updates will be applied:

  1. The Bard’s reagents are added to the loot.
  2. After using the Invisibility Potion, Magic Fish, and Invisibility cast, instead of 5 steps, the character will be able to make a number of steps according to the formula: Skill (Stealth) / 10 + 1.
    With 150 skill you will be offered 16 steps.
  3. A formula to calculate the number of charges while creating a Runebook has changed and the charges now are significantly increased.
  4. We’ve fixed the Sos Bottle bug that made the coordinates direct to Ilshenar.
  5. Stuck fish in the backpack is removed.
  6. You will now receive training points after taming the animal that was resurrected earlier. Besides, Ranger can resurrect any dead animal. After being revived, the animal won’t have any loot and hide, and no hunting points will be offered after killing it.
  7. Improved properties of Staves of Affliction.
  8. Improved properties of Voidmaker.
  9. Bard Book spells can be cast while moving, just as it was available before.
  10. We’ve also fixed a bug that caused the appearance of multiple mounts after getting off of it.
  11. There is no more bug whilst building a house (there was no refund for the building).
  12. You may specify the guild name when adding a friend to a house, and all the guild members will be added automatically.
  13. A new rule concerning the automatic gain of resources is added to the Wiki in the Rules article.
  14. All Magic staffs have 2 tiles of attack distance.
  15. We fixed a bug when PVP KILLS ran off sooner.

And last, but not least. After the restart, this weekend there will be an event with increased monster spawn.
Have a great hunting!