Newest version of POL – no more game seasons!

Dear players,
We would like to answer the question that bothers new and old players so much.
Many players asked about the game seasons and server wipes, meaning what’s the point to train the game character (even if the training is fast) if you’re going to lose it anyways?
Of course, there used to be wipes on the server and we tried our best to avoid them. The reason for this was an old version of POL emulator that just physically couldn’t work with more than 3 Gb of operative memory. Switching to a newer version of POL meant re-writing more than 20 k scripts. No one of the program coders would agree to complete such a huge task and automatic conversion was impossible due to many custom settings. Thus, the 3 Gb limit was enough for one year only.
Entire last year we were switching the shard to the newest POL and spent lots of time and resources on that. Now, the shard has neither software nor hardware limits. This autumn we have an absolutely donation-free shard, the shard of our dream, the shard that we’ve been aiming for all these years.
We’d like to announce this loud and clear. THERE ARE NO SEASONS ANYMORE.
It’s fun here until you’re here!