Upgrades starting from Nov, 8

Dear players,
Today, on the 8th of November at 9:00 p.m. UTC +3 there will be a restart of the server after which, the following upgrades will be applied:

  1. The overall survival of the character will be improved:
    – Characters’ health is increased from 30 to 50 for each level;
    – The delay between the next use of LifeStream is decreased from 60 sec to 40 sec.
    -The delay between the next use of all MagicFish is decreased from 9 sec to 6 sec;
    – The delay between the next use of bandages is decreased from 10 sec to 6 sec;
    – The delay between the next use of healing potions, poison-curing potions, and mana potions is decreased from 10 sec to 6 sec;
    – The delay between the next use of Dispell, and stats bottles is decreased twice;
    – The delay between the next use of the stamina-restoring potion from 30 sec to 25 sec.
  2. Some spells are fixed:
    – Like Angelic Aura and Song of Life spells, that previously restored health incorrectly if a character was wearing items that gave an additional % to the healing bonus;
    – Bard’s spells that inflict damage now require a target just like any Mage’s spells;
    – Leech spell doesn’t provide physical protection anymore;
    – Casting the Gate Travel spell is now interrupted if the damage is received.
  3. The time required for a guild’s relocation is decreased from 7 days to 1 day.
  4. Damage from the Bosses’ skills is increased. For example, Margrena and Miradna summon much more powerful dragons.
  5. We’ve fixed a bug when no received damage was visible.
  6. Ore helmet Coif can now be combined with a cloth headdress.
  7. All the players in the guild are automatically added to the friend list of the house. We’ve fixed a bug, that didn’t allow adding a guildstone to the house’s friend list.
  8. Mage gaming class is stronger physically and has lost the negative effect of physical protection.
  9. The characters’ names become red after committing 3 murders. Bankers and Casters will no longer have any kind of business with such characters. There is only one place where they can receive the services – Bucanneer’s Den (if we speak of unsafe locations). There are two ways to clear the character of the PK status:
    a) Waiting for the timer to run up;
    b) Killing monsters to improve karma. If your karma is higher than 6500 then killing a monster will remove 1 PK and 4000 of karma.
  10. Change Class pole now removes all casts.