Warning for rules violators

Dear players,
Let us remind you that you play on a free server and the administration doesn’t interfere with the gaming process. That means that severe punishments will be applied in case of violation of the server rules.

Specifically, we speak of any characters hiding near the dungeon entrances, portals, or any other common area not dressed for hunting or PvP. As well it can be a ghost character that doesn’t react to any kind of check interaction that is used in a second window or with separate proxy IP.

People who act in this way cause negative consequences to the server.

Characters who live together with the character whose bot was caught cheating will have their items confiscated and sold at the market. Also, they may lose their characters together with the violator. So, keep that in mind when you give access to your character to a friend.

Before setting a bot think off this post or re-read the game rules. All your proxies will be figured out easily along with the main character. This is our last warning to the violators.

To cut the long story short: Don’t use the bots to watch the spawns or other players and you’re safe. Use them and all your accounts will be banned.

Thank you for your attention.