Updates and fixes

The following updates and fixes have been applied:

  1. Ostard Egg fix.
  2. The skinning knife is fixed and doesn’t waste charges when used on an empty corpse.
  3. When skinning a hide your Forensic skill will rise. The stronger the monster the more skill points you get.
  4. Forensic skill now has a chance of getting additional hides from the monsters you’ve conquered. Thus, with 0 -119 skill you have a chance of getting one additional hide; with the skill 120 -199 you have a chance of two hides; with the Forensic 200 + you have a chance of getting 3 additional hides. This skill can be trained without the risk of losing your overall level.
  5. Light gun has lower speed and damage.
  6. Talma heal now restores your health regardless of the character’s strength, but according to the max hp. The amount of health cured is from 70% to 90%.
  7. Parried hit has reduced damage by at least 40%.