Here is a list of different updates

Dear players,
Here is a list of different updates that were applied yesterday.

1. Great Wyrm, Flaming Wyrm, and Golden Dragon have higher speed now.

2. Secret of Element lowers the element protection of the characters by 50%.

3. “Fight to the Death” event has been radically changed. Now it has a totally different system of arrangements, additional items for offered equipment and more prizes. For more detailed information take a look at our Wiki pages:

4. Jewellery that has durability can lose it sometime.

5. Some Artifacts that were previously present in the game have returned, like One-handed Dekeron, One-handed Winds, and One-handed Shadow Maw. For the moment, they are available only to Bards and can be already found in your loot.

6. Tainted Monster turns into a zombie after death.

7. By spending some gold you can buy Bosses’ Altars in Zulu Shop at the Market.

8. A bug that affected Flaming Wyrm and Great Wyrm dragons’ spawn has been fixed as well.

9. The Begging skill doesn’t decrease the character’s karma.

10. After reaching 6 or 7 level, Wanderer has a meditation bonus.

11. Peacemaking doesn’t interrupt any of Bard’s actions.

12. Bard can cast damaging spells on the move. Now only mana is required. Later on, mana and stamina will be needed for this.

13. Dark sister inflicts more damage.

14. Weapons with Blackrock properties can de-buff other characters every 25 seconds and not every hit.

15. Some properties of the weapons were changed:
a) All Katanas have 70 speed and the speed of Swift is 75;
b) All Crisses have 75 speed and Swift is 85;
c) Shadow Maw speed has increased from 47 to 55;
d) Demon Poker has 3 tiles range;
e) The speed of Scalpel has been increased to 70 from 60;
f) The speed of Anubis has been increased to 55 from 45;
g) The speed of Amroth has been increased to 52 from 40.

16. Secret Book of Element is available to all the characters that wear items with Magery bonus.

17. Close-range weapon has higher damage with the Anatomy skill. Previously, the coefficient was 3.3 and now it’s 3.4.