Newest updates

Dear players,
Today there will be the server’s maintenance to apply some updates. We will announce the approximate time when the server will be unavailable later in the evening.

The following updates will be applied after the reboot:

  1. The prices for sold Artifacts have been reduced (for gold only).
  2. The cost of activating the altars in Zulu Shop (for hunting points) has dropped to 50% of the initial price.
  3. The Peacemaking skill will not have an effect on yourself or Bards.
  4. We’ve changed the effect of Bard’s songs in the “Fight to the Death” event. From now on the allies will be ignored.
  5. The Mind Blast spell doesn’t depend on the Mage class. Starting today, the work of the spell depends only on the difference in the intelligence of the characters. If an attacker has less intelligence than the opponent, the inflicted damage will return back to the attacker.
  6. New types of spell weapons are added to the game world:
    call lighting, gust, rising fire, specters touch, darkness, sorcerers bane, wyvern strike, kill.
  7. Some weapons like Void and Blackrock will have an opportunity to be improved according to the damage they inflict.
  8. The antidote potions are now used separately.
  9. Mage’s accuracy with Mace weapons is decreased by 20%.