Winter holidays fun

Dear players,
In preparation for the winter holidays, yesterday the server had a quick restart to apply the following updates:

1. During all winter holidays from 25, Dec to 10, Jan 2023 there will be a double spawn of monsters.
2. The strongest monster became even more powerful as well as the loot from them was increased. Also, treasure chests have more value inside.
3. The “Fight to the Death” event has different bombs effect. Activation of the bomb takes only a second. Have fun blowing each other’s heads off. (The activation timer in the rest of the world remains the same).
4. For your convenience, the Blackrock weapons now have description notes about cast removing and mana draining. The visual effect of the hit is different now too.
5. Soon you will be able to receive various presents at the market. The requirements for the characters are to spend over a week playing the game and to have reached the character’s level by now.

Take a look at the list of presents that you might get with just a little luck:

– Zulu Coins;
– Home Christmas tree decoration;
-Higher level resources;
– Grave Behemoth, Balron, Golden Dragon;
– Skill raising stone;-Stats raising stone;
– Dark Sister statue;
– Rune of the Boss’s Altar activation;
– Random colour hair dye;
– Random colour item dye;
– 80 unique decorative items that will never be found in further gifts unwrapping;
– Golden Dragon loot items. The number of items you may receive depends on your level (one time only).

All the characters will get FREE game perks for two weeks when a present is opened. The gifts can be opened during the entire holidays.

Santa decided to hold a draw and additionally reward all participants with special prizes. During the New Year holidays, we will find out what they are exactly. Though we do know that it is going to be cool weapons, items, and other prizes). Go to Santa and claim your winning ticket. (You must play for at least 15 days to enter this draw. The draw ends on January 06, 2022)

In addition, while Santa was getting to the market, travelling around the world, his elves hid some of the gifts. You can keep looking for them until the new year, as they were disguised as all sorts of items nearby. There are about 8 gifts in total. (All the hidden objects are in the safe world).