The latest changes

Dear players,
We are sorry about the unscheduled restart of the server. Recently we have applied some of the updates and yet haven’t notified you. Accept our apologies for that too.
So, here is a list of the updates:

1. There was a bug that allowed Skull Cap to provide a 25% bonus to magery, whilst the rest of the hats offered much less. Nobody let us know of that bug but took advantage of that. After the fix, we had complaints that the sets were broken exactly because of that fix but they’re not.

2. Also, the timer in Thief’s poison was broken as well, so we fixed that too. So now thieves won’t be able to damage with the same timer (while it should be less due to the Thief’s level).

3. New Year’s presents giveaway is fixed according to the character’s level and time spent online. We haven’t specified the restrictions, such as creating a new character just to take presents. Our bad.

4. We also fixed some Blackrock weapons, Piercing, and Void. They inflicted much more damage than the most powerful guns.

5. Some time ago we held voting in Telegram asking your opinion on whether we should make the higher mobs stronger. The answers to the poll resulted in making them stronger because most of the participants said they were too weak. Still, there were players not happy with the changes.

6. Taking into consideration of items and clothes we improved Bosses and their abilities. For example, some Balron mobs adopted their skills and could inflict a huge amount of damage. We’ll change that back soon and we are sorry for the inconvenience. This was made so as to provide a proper reaction to the players’ complaints.

We’d like to remind you that celebrating New Year is not a good excuse to create quarrels on political topics. Especially on Zulu. All participants have been unbanned, though you should really watch yourself. Santa Claus’s patience may run out.