Upcoming updates

Dear players,
So as not to cause any harsh feelings toward the server’s developers and scripters, we’d like to leave this message as a notification and to ask you for a favor.

The following will be reconsidered and changed:

  1. Creation of lottery tickets and presents. We’ll be glad to hear your suggestions on gifts.
  2. Bosses will match the character’s level and stats.
  3. Creation of new monsters and dungeons.
  4. Wiki pages will contain updated information.
  5. Better armor and weapons of GM artifacts.
  6. Updated meteor, creation of essences, and other improvements that won’t affect the game radically.
  7. Detailed work on Bard, Ranger, and PP.
  8. Constant bug fixes and overall improvement of the game.

Everything listed will be completed in the nearest free time. No major changes will be applied without players’ votes.

We would deeply appreciate each of the players’ opinions, advice, or suggestion. Usually, the discussion is held in the main chat channels, but for specific suggestions, discovered bugs, and other issues, DM “Lur” on Telegram
или дискорд 🅼🅸🆁:o2:🅽

It’s a cruel and unexpected world of Ultima. So buckle up and keep on playing.