Lottery draw

Dear players,
All the players who received New Year’s presents also have a token with the number of their lottery ticket.
Yesterday prizes were drawn, which will soon be available from Santa Claus at the Market.

The prizes are:
1. Moon Secateurs – a fast and powerful one-handed weapon that damages the surrounding characters.
2. Glowing Double-edged Blade – a mighty one-handed weapon that destroys the monsters around you.
3. Dark Blades – throwing knives that damage with explosions (can not be protected from).
4. God’s Axe – chopping axe that increases your log obtain by 4 times.
5. Moon One-Handed Storm Crossbow – one-handed crossbow that is suitable for everyone and damages with magic (Call Lightning)
6. Wolf Jaw – intensified demon poker.
7. Fire Spirit Staff – a magical fiery staff that deals damage to others with magic.
8. Moon Secret of Fire – enhanced secret book.
9. Moon Secret of Water – enhanced secret book.
10. Moon Secret of Air – enhanced secret book.
11. Moon Secret of Earth – enhanced secret book.
12, Moon Secret of Holy -enhanced secret book.
13. Moon Reaper – skinning knife with obtaining X4.
14. Bloody Snake Long Bow – a bow with Anubis weapon properties that drains all stats one by one.
15. Bloody Snake Short Dagger – one-handed dagger with Anubis properties.
16. Blessed Monster Slayer Short Bow – reinforced monster-killing bow.
17. Fallen Star Stone Shield – a shield that lowers the magical defense of opponents (fire and water)
18. Moon Ring – a ring that protects you from all kinds of magic.
19. Moon Bracelet – a bracelet that protects you from all kinds of magic.
20. Moon Necklace – a necklace that protects you from all kinds of magic.
21. Moon Earrings – earrings that protect you from all kinds of magic.
22. Moon Talisman – a ring that protects you from all kinds of magic.
23. God’s Shovel – a shovel with ore obtain x4.
24. Paralysis of the Dead – one-handed weapon, enhanced Night Dweller.

Whoever is not included in the winner’s list will be given the opportunity to receive a consolation prize of 1000 Zulu Coins per game account.

More detailed information about the items will be posted on the wiki later (don’t expect it to be very soon). Or the players themselves will share the info online. There are 270 game accounts that received the tokens in total. Prizes will be awarded in the order listed above. A video of the draw will be recorded and posted here.

Thus, the order of the character appearing in the draw means the order of receiving prizes.