Important note

Dear players,
Please take some time to read this post.

Regarding the previous updates:

January 17, 2023 Update #7 (CHANGES REGARDING POISON) will be reset to default soon due to an issue with monsters that deal low-level poison damage (skill leveling issues appear).

About the upcoming changes and updates:

All changes and updates, including suggestions or additions, will be posted in our Discord channel, the link to which is available on our website.

All changes will be subject to player voting excluding critical bug fixes.

All critical changes and bug fixes will be reported to players.

There will be no more changes on the main server without prior testing on the “Test Server” that will be launched shortly and announced.

Before updating the main server files, players will be given the opportunity to check and test all changes on the test server during the week after the announcement of these changes. In the future, if no one finds errors, all changes will be transferred to the main server.

Thus, we will give the opportunity to players to test these changes and decide whether they are necessary separately from the main server. (Before applying any updates all game records will be transferred from the main server. This means that all players will be able to log in with the character that is on the main server).